"Tod von Freunden" nominated for PRIX EUROPA 2021

Two families, one island, a picture-perfect life plan... until on the last sailing trip of the year with the "Orplid", the ship they share, a terrible accident happens at night in heavy seas and puts an inseparable friendship to a severe test.

22 outstanding film productions from 13 countries are nominated for the international award of the European media festival, among them the 8-part mini-drama series "Tod von Freunden", produced by LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION in co-production with ZDF and insured by the DFG.

The gripping drama about doubt, mistrust, failure and guilt was "one of his most personal projects" for the director, Friedemann Fromm.

The producers were "logistically faced with some challenges" by filming on the small overgrown ox island in the Flensburg Fjord, making it "something very special", and insurance-wise this production was also "plagued by some squalls".

The DFG is keeping its fingers firmly crossed on 15 October!