German Short Film Award

On 20 November, the Ministry of Culture and the Hamburg Media School awarded the Golden Lola, the German Short Film Prize for the best short films. The Hamburg Elbphilharmonie had opened its doors and provided the occasion with a dignified setting. The DFG supported the award ceremony. We are delighted with the prizewinners.

Hamburg, 22 November 2019   -   "For more than 50 years, the German Short Film Award has been the most important and best endowed award for short films that are otherwise - mostly undeserved - in the shadow of feature-length productions. We believe it is important that short films reach a larger audience and are happy to support this format," reports Robert von Bennigsen, Managing Partner of the DFG.

Of the 12 nominated films, these six winners were chosen:

Hannes Schilling for "Der Proband" as "Best Feature Film"
 (more than 10 minutes to 30 minutes running time)

Jürgen Heimüller for "Die letzten fünf Minuten der Welt" as "Best Feature Film"
(up to 10 minutes running time)

Manuel Abramovich for "Blue Boy" as "Best Documentary."
(up to 30 minutes running time)

Maria Teixeira for "Inside me" as "Best Animation Film"
(up to 30 minutes running time)

Clara Winter and Miguel Ferráez for "Wir sprechen heute noch Deutsch" as "Best Experimental Film".
(up to 30 minutes running time)

Sarah Schreier, Stefan Gieren and Florian Kunert for "Fortschritt im Tal der Ahnungslosen" as "Special Prize of the German Short Film Award