Cinema release "Tausend Zeilen"

"If I wasn't editor-in-chief of SPIEGEL, I would have laughed even more heartily", comments Steffen Klusmann the DFG-insured media drama "Tausend Zeilen" (A Thousand Lines) by director Michael Herbig, which is based on the SPIEGEL affair that was exposed by its own paper in December 2018:

Journalist Lars Bogenius (Jonas Nay) is THE star of the German news scene. He is the beacon of hope for his publishing house, celebrated by everyone and showered with countless awards. His articles and stories are emotional, of great consequence and catch readers where other print magazines lose them ... and they are ... FAKE!!!

His colleague, freelance journalist Juan Romero (Elyas M'Barek), is the only one who sees behind the façade when he works with Lars Bogenius for a report. At first there are only small inconsistencies, which in the end turn out to be one of the biggest scandals in the German press world.

In order to bring the truth to light, Romero not only puts his career in danger, but also his own family.

The DFG wishes the production a successful cinema release on 29 September 2022.