Cancellation of the DFG Film Evening 2021

After 2020, we have now decided to cancel the DFG film evening in 2021 for another year. We did not take this decision lightly, as the longing for normality and relaxed, happy get-togethers is visibly increasing. However, the increasing number of cases of the 4th Corona wave cannot be reconciled with our idea of a carefree cinema evening and, above all, the accompanying social programme.

Hamburg, 6 September 2021 - We are saddened that we have to postpone the DFG Film Evening for a second time. However, it seems to be the most sensible solution at the moment to continue to be patient.

Whether we will have to postpone the date for a whole year to end up again on the traditional eve of the Hamburg Film Festival is not yet certain. If the situation should hopefully ease a little faster with the increasing number of vaccinations, we could also imagine an earlier date in spring or summer.

Nevertheless, in order to bring a little joy in 2021, we have decided to donate a sum to the Jugendfilm e.V. for the project "Hamburger Jugendfilmhaus".

We hope to welcome our guests to another DFG Film Evening quite soon and are very much looking forward to it! Stay well!