Insurance packages in feature film production – review of the most important insurances

29.04.2016 | Erich Pommer Institute, Berlin

Insurances for international feature film productions - which is a MUST and which is a MAYBE? What happens if it happens - case studies on the subject of film insurance.

  • Overview of the most important film insurances (national and international)
  • When is an E & O (Errors & Omissions) required?
  • How to insure "Essential Elements"?
  • What are the advantages of a completion bond?

This event is part of the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST seminars. With helpful support from the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH.

Hendrik Bockelmann has been a member of the Executive Board of DFG German Film Insurance Community in Hamburg since 2000 and among other things he is responsible for the management of the completion bonds.

Udo Happel is a freelance line producer for feature and commercial film productions and an expert in completion bonds.