About us

For over 70 years, DFG has been successfully insuring film and television productions. Among them are cinema, TV and commercial films along with documentaries, animations and new formats, such as mini-series and soaps. DFG works closely in this area with all the leading TV stations and production firms.

Since 1992, we have been creating other insurance products for concert and theatre tours as well as other events. Innovative, customer-oriented and fast solutions set the tone here. For this reason, DFG is creating the standards for up-to-date and comprehensive media insurance.

The film and entertainment business is characterised by being ultra-modern, consistently pursuing artistic merit and having a distinct awareness of costs. This exceptional combination also harbours exceptional risks – imponderabilities, which need to be minimised.

Each production is an individual case – one of a kind. Insurance protection must therefore be adjusted accordingly to specific situations. Experience dating back 70 years is an invaluable advantage here. With this know-how, DFG has developed specific insurance products to meet any requirement profile - as an isolated application, in combination with other categories or as a bundled film policy.

The logical consequence of this customised flexibility is that there is no standard rule for the level of premiums. They are calculated on a case-by-case basis. You can therefore download check lists from DFG with all the information needed to calculate premiums in each insurance category.